What is SOSA Dance Fitness? 

In SOSA we have over 37 different dance styles so there is definitely something for everyone! A typical class playlist can feature approx. 11 different styles. But don't panic, playlists usually last for quite a few weeks until you feel comfortable with the moves and the routines! Dance styles can include anything from Modern Commercial, Bollywood, Cha Cha, Charleston, Jive, Musicals, Jazz, Salsa, Waltz ... even cheeky Burlesque! I've yet to dance all 37!


I know that starting any type of new group exercise or dance class is usually the hardest part for many people. And I know it can be a nervous experience walking through the door for the first time and then not knowing what to expect during the class. There will definitely be many questions running through your head. Will I be the only beginner? Will I be able to keep up? What if I cannot perform a dance step? What if I feel or look silly?

This is all perfectly normal, and I have certainly been in that position too in the past, so I know exactly how you will be feeling. I'd actually go so far as saying that there will be questions running through my head before I come along to class to teach you too! Will I remember the routine? Have I downloaded the music correctly? Does my belly look big in these leggings? Believe me, it's all true!


So this is where my classes will offer you an extremely warm welcome, not only from me but from the other like-minded class participants so that you immediately feel at ease. We are a friendly bunch! We are all of different ages, shapes, abilities, and experiences and we have loads of fun! 

And please don't worry about being the beginning! Everyone is a beginner at something, at some point, and that's not a bad thing! This is one of my favorite quotes: 

You can learn new things at any time in your life if you are willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.” - Barbara Sher


My classes will help you grow in your own time and at your own pace so that you are not left struggling at the back. I am there with you every step of the way from walk-throughs and explanations of exercises or dance steps; verbal and visual cueing; modifications and adaptations; reassurance and motivation, even ice pops on a very hot day! 


My classes are fun and for enjoyment; to help you improve, grow and learn new skills; to build belief and confidence in your abilities. You can feel comfortable arriving at my classes being the beginner, the one with two left feet, or lack of coordination, all without being judged.

Classes are tailored for beginners and intermediate levels of fitness and offer low impact with low, mid, and high-intensity options, depending on the class. If you are looking for high intensity and high impact, sadly my classes will not be best suited for you, but I am more than happy to help you look for another local instructor so that you can find your own happy place!  

As a side note, low-impact exercise can be underestimated. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results they can provide. Low impact is joint-friendly and can still improve your cardio fitness by using the right amount of physical effort (intensity). These classes still tone and shape; help you with fat loss; loosen and unstiffen muscles and joints; improve flexibility and posture ... just a few of the many benefits of physical exercise and dance.


Why not come along and experience how we SOSA soon. You will be guaranteed a very warm welcome.