What is Seated SOSA Fitness? 

All the fun of SOSA - just in a chair!


Seated SOSA dance classes are created to be fully inclusive so that everyone can take part in SOSA Dance Fitness.

Dance routines are adapted to suit all abilities and health conditions, with special considerations for older adults, providing plenty of adaptations and alternatives to provide a safe and effective workout delivered by a fully qualified older adult, functional fitness and dance instructor. 

From Waltz to Jive, Paso Doble to Disco, or even a cheeky Cha Cha Cha, classes are totally fun, uplifting, nostalgic, and energising! 

There are elements of functional exercise within each class including sections focussed on flexibility; strength using resistance bands and balls; and relaxation.


Classes will help improve functional fitness (balance, flexibility, and strength) which is so important when performing everyday tasks. It will improve cardiovascular health, coordination, posture and increase overall health, promoting relaxation and will do wonders for well-being and confidence. 

Come and join us soon! Classes are very friendly and social where you can chat and make friends over a cuppa afterwards (courtesy social distancing will be in place) - you will be guaranteed a warm welcome!  

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