READY to dance! SET to '80s and '90s music! GLOW, tone & shine!


Join in with the funky new aerobic & toning sessions where we go back to the '80s and '90s and reclaim our love of all things Mr Motivator!

Classes are easy to follow using basic aerobic and dance moves; fun and nostalgic; toning is included in each session and there is an option of additional glow bands or light sticks to wave about to your heart's content!

This class will be sure to help you tone, make you sweat, and where you will have loads of fun and plenty of whoops! 

Targeted at intermediate levels of fitness but suitable for beginners, as varying intensity options will be given throughout the session. 

Glow wrist bands and/or light sticks are available to purchase in class for £3.00 each (or £5.00 per set)