Our first SOSA Dance Workshop!

So, what other way was there to kick off the first of a series of dance workshops last month, than with Chorus Line! And what fun we had! I think our tummies ached more than our feet in the end! Not just from laughing but from eating home-made cake and drinking coffee!!! Everyone did amazingly, from start to finish, and were so surprised at what they had actually accomplished by the end of our final performance. We even decided on recording a video (private viewing only) just so that everyone could actually see how good it looked by the end of the workshop. It really did help everyone to see that they didn't have two left feet or totally lack co-ordination after all, and it looked brilliant when we were all dancing together.

The dance workshops are so different to the classes. We spend the time learning each dance step and technique in more detail, rehearsing the routine in bitesize stages, until it comes together in one great fusion of choreography and hey presto, you feel like you are dancing on stage! I really do love these classes.

So, if you do fancy giving one of the workshops a try, but you are worried about your own two left feet or lack of co-ordination, or even if you are concerned that you won't be 'as good' as everyone else, then please be rest assured that everyone else will be busy concentrating on their own two left feet to notice; you will all be learning together and so all in the same position; and you will all share a love of dance.

The workshops are suitable for everyone and are a great way to escape from the world for a couple of hours and reveal the dancer within you!