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Hi everyone!

I’m so looking forward to our last in person class on Wednesday! It’s really quite disappointing when the classes were just establishing!

But hey let’s not be too downhearted as I’m going to see you through this next lockdown again, just like last time!

This time you are in you a fabulous new ride and to kick off with let’s get a free Zumba Gold class going on Friday 6th at 9.30am.

It will be a tester class to make sure technology is being kind to us, therefore if you are nervous about joining online classes Friday is the time to join, as I can talk you through all the good things about ZOOM! You do not even have to have your camera on if you don’t want to!

And I will do all the hard technical work! You just have to turn up and wave at me!! It will help me to get the settings right! You know I’m not the greatest at technology! 🙈

So all you need to do is just download the ZOOM App on your chosen device (phone, pad, laptop or even TV) and pop onto my website to book the free online class. You will be emailed the Zoom meeting link for Friday and you just click on that when the time comes on Friday and off we go! For reference Zoom is a very well respected and secure site used by millions of businesses and now instructors 🤣 across the world! It’s very infectious!

Anyone that wasn’t with me during last lockdown, I actually used Facebook Live but I know not everyone has Facebook so Zoom will give many more people access and it will be a whole more heap of fun I promise!

Let’s boogie and giggle our way through this lockdown and keep each other uplifted!

All you need to do is find a space to dance in, your device, some internet connection and water and we’re away!

Let‘s do this! And I’ll see you on Weds or Fri .... much love, Mel xxx

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