Instructor Ready?

As a member of EMD UK (the national governing body for group exercise) I am once again prepared and ready to return to venue classes {{crosses fingers}} from Monday 17th May by ensuring all appropriate NGB and Government measures are in place to run my classes in a COVID-19 compliant and secure way.

The measures that I will have put into place for our return to venue classes are listed below and show my commitment to a safe return to venue classes.

1. I can show evidence of relevant training of the activity I am going to teach.

2. I am covered by insurance to teach my class.

3. I have a COVID-19 Risk Assessment for each venue that I teach in.

4. I have an updated copy of a COVID-19 Par Q to share with participants.

5. I will ensure that all participants undergo a self-assessment of any COVID-19 symptoms before attending each class.

6. I will ensure my participants arrive and leave wearing face coverings.

7. I will ensure strict hand hygiene protocols throughout the duration of my class.

8. I will abide by the social distancing guidelines as per the latest EMD UK Return to Play guidance.

9. I will ensure participants do not mix to perform exercises as partners.

10. I will abide by maximum capacity numbers as set out by government guidance for my nation or region.

11. I have a checklist in place for each class to ensure all COVID-19 measures are in place.

12. I will ensure ventilation in the class area is up to COVID-19 measures.

13. To the best of my ability, I will limit time congregating prior to and after classes, advising participants to arrive 5 minutes prior to the class start and, prohibit physical contact and limit talking to other participants.

14. I will keep a list of all participants for 21 days for the purpose of test and trace and provide all data to NHS Test and Trace if requested.

15. I have a valid First Aid Certificate and am aware of the guidelines set out for COVID-19 safe treatment of participants.

16. I will ensure that equipment is not shared during the class and is thoroughly cleaned after each session.

On a lighter note, when saying or writing the word Instructor Ready I always want to finish with ... Gladiator ready!

I cannot wait to see you all in class again real soon {{all fingers and toes crossed}}

Love Mel



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