What is Paracise ?

A gentle but effective functional workout, Paracise™ is a suitable and reassuring exercise programme. 45 minute class with no floor work that takes functional exercises, blending them into a simple choreographed routines, to fabulous music making classes FUN, effective and addictive!

The class starts slowly with posture, alignment and breathing exercises, continuing with aerobic, muscular strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and mobility components.

Paracise™ provides a gateway to fitness for anyone who would benefit physically and mentally from lower intensity exercise. Ideal for those who find regular fitness classes too demanding, or who haven’t exercised for a long time, or who are coming back from injury. It may be accessible to those with a wide range of health conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, bad backs etc. 

Many GP's and Health Care professionals across the UK are already prescribing Paracise™ to many of their clients.

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