Move More 

Based on a combination of movement and exercise, and being inspired by dance, classes are an uplifting and fun way to increase overall health, well-being, and confidence. 


Are you looking to get into fitness but don't know where to start? Returning to fitness, perhaps from an injury or surgery? An active older adult?


Classes are suitable for anyone wishing to increase energy levels, improve coordination, flexibility, strength, tone, and balance. All this from one class and the music is fabulous too!

Please note this class has no floorwork.

Why Movement & Dance classes?

Exercise should be enjoyable so that you are more likely to stick with it and reap the long-term benefits. I am very passionate about helping you discover how rewarding group fitness can be so that you can enjoy yourself and have fun becoming fitter and healthier and feeling more confident.

Improving flexibility increases the range of movement within the muscles and joints to reduce tightness, allowing for better posture & alignment.

Improving balance allows for better posture and body awareness, improved coordination and reaction time, and stronger core stability. 

Increased muscle strength provides stability around the joints, helps to improve posture and balance and everyday functional movements; reduces aches and pains; improves blood sugar control, and increases metabolism. 

Developing better coordination can help to reduce the risk of injury, enhance memory and improve concentration, mental agility and self-confidence. 

Improving our fitness is so important for everyone, particularly as we start to get older. It helps with carrying out everyday activities safely and efficiently to avoid injuries and the risk of falls and promotes healthy aging. This ultimately improves our quality of life and prolongs our independence. 

We'd love to welcome you to class soon. We are a friendly group and you will be guaranteed a very warm welcome.