Do you find other fitness classes too demanding?  Are you returning to fitness from a long break or injury? Would you like to improve your posture, balance, strength or flexibility?

Flexercise is a functional workout with elements of dance. Improve your posture, balance, strength, flexibility and increase your energy levels. Easy to follow, simple choreography set to fabulous music, making the classes uplifting and fun with no floor work involved.

Why improve fitness?

Good posture is important to our balance and helps to keep bones and joints in correct alignment so that our muscles are used correctly. It facilities our breathing by opening the airways and helps us naturally breathe more easily.


Improving balance will help in the reduction of trips and falls by strengthening the muscles that keep us upright, making it easier to perform daily tasks. 


Improved muscle strength will provide more stability around the joints helping with posture and balance and therefore improving overall every day functional movements.


Improving flexibility will increase mobility and range of movement within the muscles and joints, reducing stiffness and risk of injuries. 

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