I began my Fitness Instructor journey back in 1996 with aerobics and step classes (who remembers the Green Goddess!) Unfortunately, due to a back injury I had to take a long break but in 2016, having found an amazing chiropractor, and with so much determination, I re-trained within the fitness industry and fell in love with dance at the age of 46, feeling at last that I was finally back in the right place!

​I began my dance fitness journey with SOSA Dance Fitness and although not a trained dancer by profession, I found it really didn't matter! If you love to dance then you will LOVE dance fitness classes. Anyone can dance! Even I've had to learn to dance and in the process I have learnt so much more about myself! 

Dancing is a great way to just be you! Regardless of your age, size, experience or ability. Whether you think you have two left feet or lack co-ordination. My classes are designed to make you feel at ease, have fun, learn a new skill and become part of a very special SOSA Dance Fitness family! There is even a Seated option too! Making dance classes inclusive for everyone! 

My fitness journey hasn't stopped there! I am continually developing to bring my best experiences to group fitness and offer a variety of classes where I can provide something for everyone! 



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Phone: 07730 455856 | e-mail: mel@movedancefitness.co.uk 

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